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What our Agents Have to Say

  • Denny Christner BayRisk Insurance
    • I have had the pleasure of working with Awesurance for almost 2 years now – they been extremely helpful in our branding, design, marketing and website management – they even respond faster than most any of our contracted service providers.

  • Bob Mahan Mahan Insurance
    • Josh is a very talented marketing person - he has helped us considerably. I wish i had more time to work with Awesurance – truly a Great Value

  • Jesse Parenti Pizzasurance
    • Josh at Awesurance is amazing! If you need to get something done and have exciting and creative energy behind you – Josh is your man. Reach out to him for any media and creative tech design… his team makes great things happen.

  • Zach Nadler Paul R. Nadler Insurance
    • Social Media is becoming a vital part of every business in marketing, outreach and customer service and since we started with Awesurance, we have noticed Increased Traffic to our Website as well as other avenues like Facebook & Twitter.

  • Ryan Headley Stratton Agency
    • For insurance agents there are not a lot of people with the knowledge and creativity of the Awesurance Team. If you dream of it, they can do it.

  • Justin Fowler Fowler Insurance
    • Every time we have had the pleasure of working with Josh @ Awesurance, he has come through with great results. We appreciate his knowledge, his absolute creativeness, and unique approach to the different projects we need help with. I recommend Awesurance without hesitation if you would like your brand to stand apart from the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take?
    • On average, websites take 10 to 20 business days from start to finish, all depending on complexity.

      If you have a specific deadline you need your website launched by – we can accommodate rush orders for last minute projects.

  • How much does it cost?
    • Basic, barebones projects start around $1,000 – depending on features & functionality, prices work their way up from there

      If you have a specific budget that you need to stick to – please let us know and we can prepare a proposal with multiple options to suit your exact needs.

  • Who Manages it?
    • You, Your Staff & Awesurance.

      By utilizing the best content management systems on the market today – once live, you’ll be given a hands-on training session of how to update your website. Then, you’ll be fully able to update your site’s content as well as do the vast majority of updates yourself. We can even record your training session as a series of instructional web videos – this way you can refer to them as needed, like when you forgot how to do something or you hired a new employee who can manage your website for you as well.

      You can always turn to Awesurance to do edits & updates for you – detailed instructions will need to be provided by emailed and our current hourly rate will apply.

  • What features does it have?
    • Basic features: Website Hosting, Website Content Management, Unlimited FTP File Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1 Custom Domain + 1 Email Address Included, Google Analytics and Monthly XML Sitemap Submissions.

      Additional Features: Unlimited Web Forms, Stock & Custom Content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

      Related Services: Social Media Marketing, Content & Strategy, Logo Design, Email Marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Video + Motion Graphics, Print Marketing + Direct Mailers.

  • How secure is it?
    • Incredibly.

      All of our websites are on either double or triple redundant servers. That means, if the server that your site is on goes down, at any given time one or two other servers are ready to be swapped out with all of the same data.

      Included with every website we offer os weekly data snapshots of all of the content on your site. If you want to increase the frequency or have a copy of your data snapshot hosted externally each time as well – we can accommodate practically any needs you may have.

      At Awesurance, we use SSL3 encryption for all communications, online web forms and custom back-end systems to insure the upmost level or data security.

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